The first, and most well known project developed by the KZN Cerebral Palsy Association, the Browns’ School was established in 1969 to provide for the special education needs of children with Cerebral Palsy.

From small beginnings, the school grew rapidly and now caters for approx. 360 children in a purpose built facility that can rival any of its kind in the world.

Recently, the scope of the school has expanded and it now serves not only children affected by Cerebral Palsy, but also those with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, delayed language development and autism.

The Browns’ School offers education from pre-school to Grade 7, in small classes (between 6-18 learners) designed to provide individual attention. Although the national curriculum is followed where possible, learners work to a modified and individually tailored programme, with specialised support from teachers, therapists and remedial teachers – all designed to help them overcome their learning challenges and develop to their maximum potential.