Update on CWAC
The Centre had a busy year, with many events and programs implemented. Thankfully, we have had the help of the physiotherapy students that have assisted with some of the programs/events.
• In July 2022, we hosted our first excursion which was at Mitchell Park Zoo. The members and their parents/guardians were also invited. This was a huge success as members, their families and the staff had a great bonding experience while having fun at the Zoo. A lovely picnic was shared thereafter. We had many donors who helped make this day absolutely special. Overall, the day was a success and we would like to make the excursion a yearly event.
• In August 2022, we hosted our first Women’s Day Program. The day included various speakers who came out to discuss different areas related to women’s health and well-being. The speakers also covered the protection and care for women with disabilities, which was quite informative. The speakers of the day included child line, local female police officer who spoke about domestic violence, a gynaecologist, and the physiotherapy students. This event was a great initiative in promoting Women’s health to both the staff and parents/guardians.

• In September 2022, the Centre celebrated Casual Day through having an open day and inviting the public to come through. The members were dressed in traditional wear and anyone who came through spent time with the members and staff. This helped in bringing attention to the Centre as well as helping people understand what we do.
• The Physiotherapy students have been engaging all staff members in different training and health programs. Each group of students that come through do a different training with the Care Workers and occasionally the admin staff.
• At the end of September 2022, I finished my NDT training. This will be carried over to the Care Workers to encourage better handling, positioning and participation of member activities.
• The consistent Therapist attendance continues. Many of our members are receiving additional therapy due to this and are making pleasing progress.
Outings/ Special Events/ Upcoming Events
• On the 6th October 2022, we have a Community Fun Walk that is planned for World CP Day. This is to take place on the school grounds of Pinetown Boys High School. This invite has been sent out to the general community, members and their families and the staff.
• On the 29th October 2022, we plan to have a Market Day, which is to help raise funds for the KZNCPA.
• On the 25th November 2022, we plan to have the member’s Christmas party.

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