The KZN Cerebral Palsy association is a registered Non-Profit organisation (NPO) which strives to enhance the lives of the Cerebral Palsied community. Cerebral Palsy is a condition where the brain is starved of oxygen for a period, often during complications at birth. This affects each person differently. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy which means it is a lifetime of maintenance and therapy.

Let’s consider for a moment how the disabled members of our community’s face life riddled with difficulties: with resilience, courage, and hope. We can learn from this and take comfort knowing that happiness, despite hardships, can be achieved as we endeavor to make a positive contribution to humanity. Our Centre members at C.W.A.C. cannot feed themselves; most cannot talk or walk and require specialised wheelchairs to sit in the correct position.

At C.W.A.C., we provide individual care, stimulation, and sensory activities, all in a loving environment with vastly experienced Care – Workers who work on a ratio of 3:1 to ensure that our members receive the specialised care that they deserve. We do not have an age restriction for admission, which makes us unique and high in demand, especially for the cerebral palsied teens and adults.

It is time to reflect with gratitude on many of the blessings we have. This is the appropriate time to think of those who need your support and to consider being that pillar of support, by donating to the KZN Cerebral Palsy Association. We rely on your support to make it possible for us to support our members. We are fully Multi Racial and B-BBEE compliant and any donation will be greatly appreciated.

One of our first fundraising campaigns was the placement or Collection dolls in shopping centres, instead of tins or boxes, where the public could contribute with cash donations. They have become somewhat of an icon for the province and are readily recognised by our communities. We would be so grateful if you could allow us to place one of our unique collection dolls in your store, as we have found that cash donations have decreased due to the emergence of digital payment methods. We love our dolls and are aiming to reintroduce them to KZN as a way for community support once again.

Thank you for taking time to consider our proposal, and we look forward to hearing from you

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