Cerebral Palsy is a condition where the brain is starved of oxygen for a period. This affects each person differently and to varying degrees; no two people have the same type of Cerebral Palsy. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, which means it is a lifetime of maintenance therapy.
Our Day-Care Centre, C.W.A.C., caters for profoundly and intellectually disabled children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy. Our Centre members cannot feed themselves; some cannot talk or walk and require specialised wheelchairs with additional support to assist them to sit in a correct position. They are totally reliant upon their Care-Workers for all their daily needs.
Our Centre provides individual care, stimulation, and sensory activities, all in a loving environment with vastly experienced Care-Workers. We do not have an age restriction for admission, which makes us unique!
Our members are divided into age and function appropriate groups, enabling every person to receive the specialised and individualized care that they deserve.

The Centre understands the many challenges faced by a family with a disabled child and most families only pay a small portion of the actual costs for their child to attend our Day-Care Centre. We also do not turn people away if they are simply not able to pay. Sponsorship of a member on a monthly or annual basis gives you the opportunity to “adopt” a member and receive regular updates on their development.

Currently, we have 23 members attending CWAC. We are only allowed to take in 24 members; therefore, we are nearing capacity! Just one of these members’ fees are paid in full by a sponsor, and one other member’s fees are partially covered by a sponsor.
All other members are not in a financial position to afford the normal fee and pay what they can. This puts the Association in a detrimental financial position.
The normal monthly fee to attend CWAC is R5 000.00 which covers the costs of its operations. This amounts to R1 380 000 a year. You could contribute towards a member’s fee which enables us to ensure CWAC remains sustainable.
The KZNCPA is the sponsoring body of CWAC and raises funds to cover the deficit occasioned by the shortfall in fee payment, and we genuinely believe this form of donating is the most beneficial, both for the donor and our disabled member.
We therefore appeal to you to assist us with sponsoring a member, either on a monthly basis, or a yearly basis. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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