C.W.A.C. DAY CARE CENTRE MONTHLY REPORT: February- March 2022 Members

Full time 22
Part time 2
Casual 0
New members (February- March 2022) 2
Member resignations (February- March 2022) 0

• We are happy to welcome back Nivesh and Brett, our newest members, who were previously known to the Association. • We have officially reached capacity and cannot take in any new members unless our property is extended. Update on CWAC We started off the year with some remarkable programs and initiatives in place. Our participation in several programs this year has set our standards and hopes high for an amazing and busy year ahead. • In February 2022 we fostered a relationship with another NPO, located in New Germany, known as Get Inspired. This company is owned by a man who has a disability himself. Their aim is to assist different support structures in engaging disabled people in different skills training and activities. They were very interested in our Association and working with us as well. On the 24th of February, they started the first session with us. They started with the Blue Group (which has our higher functioning members) where they have been involving them in a woodwork program. Here they have been developing their skills and it provides a form of exercise for them. Get Inspired comes to the Centre weekly to conduct these sessions.

• In February, we focused on our Valentine’s Day theme. We had a lovely day where our Centre
couples exchanged gifts and the members had some sweet goodies that were donated.
• In February we had our first group of 3rd year UKZN Physiotherapy students attend our Centre.
They are in their community block, so a lot of their focus is on assisting us to develop
programs for the members and Centre, as well as engage the members in group and
individual therapy.
• With the assistance from our Physiotherapy students, volunteers and staff of the Association,
we were able to host our first ever Sports Day, which took place on the 25th of March 2022,
which is also known as National CP Awareness Day. All our members took part in 4 different
activities and were awarded with medals at the end of the day. We had a lovely meal which
was donated thereafter, and it provided a great opportunity for the parents/guardians,
volunteers, staff and members to socialise. It was an incredible day that spread awareness
on our CP members, and it helped shift perspectives on what people with disabilities can
achieve. And best of all, it was an extremely fun experience for all!
• The Physiotherapy students have been engaging all staff members in different training
programs, which includes good posturing, back protection when propelling the wheelchair
and different exercises and precautions for CP members.
• There have been no additional training or webinars attended. The Care Workers will engage
in further training and webinars as opportunities arise.
• We have had pleasing attendance from Therapists who have volunteered to work with our
members. We have Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist volunteers attending twice
weekly and a Speech Therapist attending once a month.
• The Therapists who volunteer have assisted in carrying out group and individual therapy

Outings/ Special Events/ Upcoming Events
• On 30th of March, our members had a lovely donation from McDonald’s where meals were
received for all members. The members enjoyed a lovely picnic out with their friends within
our premises.
• In April, our focus will be Easter activities. We are currently planning activities for our Easter
activities that our members will participate in.
• We are hoping to plan an excursion with our members some time this year. We are still in the
planning stages and will provide details once they are finalised.

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