Full time 21
Part time 2
Casual 0
New members (April-May 2022) 0
Member resignations (April-May 2022) 1

• We have had one member resignation (Phawu, from the yellow group) in April 2022. We now have one space available and are currently going through parent meetings for potential new members.
Update on CWAC
We have continued our positive trajectory through, now nearly at the half year mark! Our Centre has been quite busy with donor visits, students, and therapists.
• The weekly groups with the NPO, Get Inspired are continuing. Our members have been making some beautiful wooden items in their groups.
• The 3rd year physiotherapy students have been consistently attending the Centre. They have been providing individual and group therapy. They have also assisted us in the development of some projects.
• Our gardening project is finally off the ground. We used old pallets to build raised garden beds. Thereafter we placed soil and compost in the beds and planted some seeds and sprouting vegetables. We also made a makeshift greenhouse to protect the vegetables. At the moment, we started off 3 raised beds, one for each group to look after in the Centre. As we receive materials and items for this, we will build more raised garden beds. So far, our members are enjoying the Therapy Garden immensely!

• The Physiotherapy students have been engaging all staff members in different training programs, which includes appropriate facilitation during activities and a refresher on first aid for seizures.
• As part of the Care Worker training, they have been involved in therapy sessions so they can be part of carry over. Additionally, they have been involved in the session to pick up various skills when engaging the members in activities.
• There have been no additional training or webinars attended. The Care Workers will engage in further training and webinars as opportunities arise.


• The consistent Therapist attendance continues. Many of our members are receiving additional therapy due to this and are making pleasing progress.
Outings/ Special Events/ Upcoming Events
• We are currently planning the member excursion.

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