Full time 20
Part time 2
Casual 0
New members (November 2021 – January 2022) 3
Member resignations (November 2021 – January 2022)        0
  • We are happy to welcome back all old and new members of the Association. As of January 2022, we have 3 new members who have joined the yellow group. Phawu, age 5; Ntando, age 4 and Melokhule, age 5.
  • We will have 1 new member join us in February. Therefore, we only have one vacant space and thereafter the Centre will reach capacity with the members.
  • The members have made pleasing progress last year and we hope to continue the positive trajectory for 2022.
  1. Care Workers: Timetables and Training
  • The Care Workers continuously engage in the relevant timetables and structured programs provided to them. There have been no program changes for 2022 as yet.
  • There have been no additional training or webinars attended. The Care Workers will engage in further training and webinars as opportunities arise.
  • We would like to send our new Care Worker, Makhosi for a training course that will include first aid training as well as specialised care for special needs. This will further upskill her in taking care of the members.
  1. Therapists/Volunteers
  • Therapy services had ended in December 2021, before we closed. We resumed therapy and volunteer services on the 17/01/2022. We are happy to welcome new and old therapists and volunteers. Currently we have Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapist volunteers. Some are to resume in February.
  • We are happy to welcome UKZN Physiotherapy students in 2022, who will carry out their practicals at the Association in March.
  1. Outings/ Special Events/ Upcoming Events
  • On the 26th November 2021 we hosted our members Christmas Party, where we had the pleasure of parent/guardian attendance. This event was a successful and vibrant one that displayed the essence of the Association and allowed our members to express their creativity during the play and musical bits. Due to our donors, employees, and parents, we ended a difficult year on a wonderful note.
  • Outings and events are currently being planned for 2022.
  1. General
  • As we are part of the eThekwini Disability Forum, we were invited on the 13/01/2022 to provide our input on a document to provide to the United Nations Offices on the needs of Persons with Disabilities. This was a unique opportunity to discuss the support and awareness that Persons with Disabilities require as well as discuss the support that structures (like the Association) require to provide adequate service delivery. We are currently waiting for feedback on this document.


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